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Where are you using the most electricity in your home? Can you make changes in use to reduce your costs? Download the DIY Home Energy Audit Checklist to assess at-home energy use and to determine where you can reduce energy use at your home to save money on your bill.

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Northeast Louisiana Power Cooperative needs to know if you're on a life-support system, so we can take that into account in case of outages. 

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If you have questions about applying for capital credits, please call our Winnsboro office. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Reviewing Paperworks

Each June NELPCO awards several $500 scholarships to graduating high school seniors. Click the link for more information and to apply.


Operation Round Up is funded by NELPCO members who choose to round their monthly power bill to the next highest whole dollar amount. The difference is placed into a pool of funds that are managed by the Operation Round Up Board and distributed to charitable organizations throughout the community. Call us to find out more about this worthwhile program.

Click here to download the application for an individual or family.

Click here to download the application for a nonprofit organization.

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America's Electric Cooperatives PAC

 America's Electric Cooperatives PAC is a way to make your voice heard. PAC contributes those political candidates who support the issues important to rural Americans. Call or email Anna Tibbit to learn how you can become an PAC member.

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